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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Short Year End Post....

In few more hours we will be welcoming a new year...Year 2009. Wishing everyone A HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009 and may the new year brings Peace, Love and Joy to your life...muaaahhhh...HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Yang mau berabisan aramiti tu...trus ja tidur dimana kamu coz your are a threat to others on the road hehehe...Peace...

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Pipits and Paddy

Went back to Tuaran last Saturday coz my cousin Lydia and me need to discuss with our uncle regarding a land subdivision(mcm serious betul nie hehehe) so selasai ja semua drop by my mum cottage.

Wahhh...the paddy field golden in color aldready which means the paddy ripen sudahlah tu(since my last posting) and tengah2 gini lah ada yang sakan especially when no security guard around mengambil kesempatan dari keringat c petani...LOL. Speak of the &#*@%!...there they are...

Hmmm...biasalah time2 gini...c pipit pun mau makan juga and lagi best if ada yang free...tidak susah2 lagi mau terbang jauh2 and they're not much different than human especially yang jenis suka2 ja masuk rumah orang cam gi supermarket trus ambil ja apa yang durang suka(ni spesis pipit lah ni) and cian si tuan rumah tu penat2 siang dan malam gi kerja mau cari duit..iishhh...melalut pula me nie

In the middle of taking photograph, I saw a cute sight among the it is...

dan inilah yang dikatakan...tinggilah rumput dari padi hehehe

Pipit the reaper caught in action....

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Trivia: Eye exercise

This past few days...lets see... about a week plus now, I've been spending my free time with the superhero...demon fighters brothers, Sam and Dean from the tv mini series Supernatural(macamlah in person kan?) LOL...Actually I was preoccupied catching up with all the episode that I missed from season 3 to season 4(the later one lum abis lagi download...ada gi) hehehe Now that I've watched them all I've time to do some posting here.

K...Notice the pictures I'm sharing here...let's see if you can spot the difference between picture A and B....the skirt ja ahh hehehe



Thursday, November 6, 2008

Books for mumsie and poppet...

Last Sunday Gabe and me pampered ourselves with buying books hehehe. Gordon; Thomas and Friends for Gabe and The Five Love Languages of Children by Gary Chapman ad Ross Campbell. Just finished reading the 1st chapter of my book and realised that although I've been a mother for the past 25 years doesn't make me an expert and not only that...errr...some of the technique or shall I say habbit sure need to be scrap off...deleted...terminated... and some need to be improvise LOL

This book is sure an awakening to me as well as a reminder to me not to take the language of love for granted and the greatest love is unconditional love. For being a parents we sometimes think we know all and are sufficient by simply telling a child "I love you" or "sya cari makan ni kalau bukan untuk anak2..siapa lagi!" and by saying and doing so our children know that they are being loved. Of all the ways we can miscommunicate our intentions, perhaps the way that has the greatest potential for harm is to not properly communicate love to our children. Can you speak and do you speak you child's love language?(errr...made me look deep into myself hehe)

Well..this book show you how to recognize and speak your child's primary love language as well as four other common love languages that can help your child know you love him or her. This book will introduce you to all the five love languages of children and help you determine the primary languages in which your child hears your love.
Speaking your child's primary love language does not mean he or she will not rebel later. It does mean your child will know you love him, and that can bring him security and hope; it can help you to rear your child to responsible childhood. Love is the foundation.

Snippet from How a Childs Feels Loved
For a child to feel love, we must learn to sepak her unique love language. Every child has a special way of perceiving love. There are basically five ways children (indeed, all people) speak and understand emotional love. They are physical touch, words of affirmation, quality time, gifts, and acts of service. If you have several children in your family, chances are they speak different languages, for just as children often have different personalities, they may hear in different love languages. Typically, two children need to be lvoed in different ways.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My Green Shoe

Yeahhh! Got myself a new shoe...favorite color some more...a cute green green one hehehe and the best thing about it is that, my dear dear friend Jc bought for me when she went for her Hong Kong - Macau trip last month. Frankly, it's not so much of about me receiving a gift but the thought she had and the trouble she took in doing so... I do know how confusing it is at times buying someone a gift especially shoes, but I know this shoe is meant to be for me (perasan abis nie)...bah betul bah! ...last week when I went to collect it...guess what? My baju kurung is the same color as the shoe and Jc didn't tell me what colored she bought...So call that a concidence!? Nahhhh I don't think so hehehe Wahhh! kira sedodon me kunun the whole day, sayang sekali enggak ada ambil gambar dong! wakakaka

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Keningau Trip

Yesterday we went down to Keningau and it's Gabe second trip to Keningau. Our journey went smoothly and Gabe didn't even doze off on that 1hr 45minute journey, it's was quite tiring with him moving around the car then again what do I expect with an active and energetic boy like him :) just have to bear and keep pace with him.

Keningau Highway

We reached Keningau around 3.30pm and hungry, so we went to a shop that selling Nyu Chap(beef soup) which my poppa friend recommended. We ordered two bowl of Nyu Chap, tea-C ping for me and tea-tarik for my poppa , wellll....guess what others may find tasty and delicious would not be with us coz it all depend on our own taste bud, so I guess it was not the kind of taste that I would like in a soup which were too sweet for me so my conclusion is you got to taste it for yourself. Then again being disappointed with the taste didn't mean I didn't swallow my food... I did! I was hungry what do you expect! hahaha But only drink bit of the soup. I was hoping my tea-C taste would taste better but I guess I was expecting too much LOL Like my food, I just drink it hehehe I don't want to complain so much for there are people in this part of the world that doesn't even have a scrap to eat...I should be thankful to have what I just had :)

My nyu chap & tea-c ping
the shop

After filling in our tummy we checked in New Grand Central Hotel and went for my favorite ABC Special (air kacang) which is about 50 meters from our hotel. I like the ABC Special here for the taste is just right for me...not too sweet not too creamy and it's a mixture of all my favorites hahaha. After having it, Gabe and me went back to our room while poppa went for his golf which was the sole purpose of us going down to Keningau.

ABC Special

Monday, October 20, 2008

Peace and Tranquility...

How many people have the chance to wake up in the morning and being greeted by a beautiful and peaceful view follows by a fresh breath of air? Not many I guess :) BUT as for me I'm blessed, God is kind and merciful for we still able to have and experience all of these, I still have a kampong and my mum cottage to come home after we reluctantly sacrifice our family house which our parents built and raised us up for the past 32 years for the sake of giving a way to development. No doubt compensation was given by the government but no amount of money can compensate the memories we had there what more now our dad is no more with us. It tore our heart whenever we see the demolished concrete whenever we passed by as if we trash our dad sweat and blood on the ground that builds the house.

Enough with me being melancholy (I've shade enough tears already hehe), I've made a promised to myself that I won't look back and appreciate what we have for I believed God has better plan for our family, He has something better in store for us and most of all we still have each other AND as the eldest in the family I've to be strong for everyone esp for my mum. As for now, while waiting for our new family house being built my mum lived in our dear old cottage which is by the paddy field, it may not be big but it's surrounded by a beautiful view.

I can't remember ever taking a picture of a paddy field or paddy itself, so I decided to pick-up my digi cam and take a shot at it and capture the memory that it's giving me right that very day for who knows one day this will be taken away from us as well.

Here are the snapshots of the paddy field and paddy...tidak lama lebatlah buah padi ni and time tu lah sengsara mau halau burung pipit and punai...belum lagi case gaggau kena serang oleh serangga perosak...hmmm. But best time time gini coz leh smell the aromatic smell of the paddy hehehe

my mum pokok sireh hehehe

Isaac birthday...

Gabe and me went back to kampong last Saturday. The weather was fine as we left our house but as we reach Menggatal all of the sudden it started to pour heavily and I could barely see the road (have a poor sight esp in this weather), if it hasn't been for the white line I would not be able to stay on my side of the road and thanks God most of the road has been repaired and sealed other wise I would be a victim to the pot holes which is quite famous on this part of the road.

It continued to rain heavily until we reach to Tuaran and good thing Gabe is asleep by now otherwise I would have another problem on the other hand(as always). It was a relief when I saw the junction to mum cottage , thanx God(which I normally missed in a dark rainy day) and finally we are safely in my mum doorstep at 6.40pm hahaha. It has been a while since I came back and it's good to be back home and I missed rainy day smell in kampong, it gave me a kind of peaceful feeling you know how I described the smell? 'Greenly smell'...Yup! bercolor-color lagi hahaha guess the rain has a different kind of smell when in kampong especially when it's just a few feet away from the paddy field and the paddy just sprouting out. Before I can start reminiscing and being nostalgic, my sister reminded me we have to leave for our nephew Isaac birthday (1st cousin Alfred son) which will be at 7pm, dreading to drive Gabe and I squeezed into their Kenari hahaha.

3 years old Isaac
Isaac with mum and dad

Friday, October 17, 2008

Project kulupis

I believed everyone still remembered when I mentioned in my last post regarding the kulupis thingy and I'm sure lot of you knows what is it but for those who are clueless to what is this kulupis thingy your curiosity will be answered through the picture snippets that I'll sharing. But it got to wait for a while for I need a little bit time to upload the pictures hehehe. Patience is virtue wakakaka

Here are the pictures as promised...

Yes, this is what you need to have in order to make a kulupis. 'Silad leaf'(anybody knows what is silad in bahasa or English? LOL), glutinous rice and grated coconut.

and this is what we need to do....

glutinous rice

Preparing the
'silad leaves' while waiting the glutinous rice to cook...

'silad leaves' being washed and wiped

One of the thing about kulupis making is that, it's being done in crowds beside making the work lighter and fast its fun. I'm not very sure where it is originated from but I came to know about it the day I got married for it is one of the delicacy being served and I loved it. I was informed that it is normally being prepared for a special occasion like wedding or grand festival by the Kadazan in Papar but later I came to learn that even the Bruneian Malay in Papar does the same. I guess the very reason why it is only being prepared occasionally is that, beside glutinous rice being expensive it is not easy to find the silad leaves which only grow in rare places for it's not something that you plant like a flowers or fruit trees which I think somebody should start thinking of doing it before it extinct. So in the kampong, it is not a rare sight when you see everyone is there during
kulupis making and that's the beautiful about them for they don't need to hear about any speech regarding unity(politician hot topic lately which can't hardly be seen in some...duuuhh) in order to have it...they practising it all these while.

And this is what we were dong as we help one of our dear friend who wants to have kulupis for her Raya celebration tomorrow, we are continuing the spirit of unity which we were brought up with
regardless of races and religions among us and at the same time having fun especially for the newbies in kulupis making hehehe.

and here are part of the kulupis crew

this is what we do to the glutinous rice when it is cooked

then fold it...and...

tedaaaaa....all ready for steaming

Well...that's all about it and whatever sharing I've had here is out of the information that I've acquired from people around me and whatever I amiss as well as wrongly shared I deeply apology for it and I would very much welcome comments and willing to be corrected. If anyone interested on the ingredients don't hesitate to ask...I can ask my friend whom the expert hehe What!?Me? I'm only the crew, remember? wakaka

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Josephine's Birthday

Month of October is really a month of birthday in our family for we've several members of our families who is celebrating their birthday this month and today is my sis-in-law Josephine birthday. Age??? ....hmmm secretlah kunun...empunya badan and yang memang sedia maklum ja tau wakakaka. Oklah Nun(nama glamour ni)...may the good Lord bless you with an everlasting joy and a good health always...luv to you always....kissy...kissy...kissy and barney love hug...Stay vass and fun always ;)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Nora's Birthday.

Last night was my sis-in-law Nora 41 years old birthday... don't worry girl you look younger than your age and a long way to M size which is not an easy thing to maintain after mothering a 3 wonderful children hehe. She didn't change much since the last time I knew her which is 26 years ago hehehe. Ooops! corrections! She did change BUT for the better, she has grown matured and wiser which is the best thing one can have in life.

We've have a simple but wonderful gathering which were among the families only but still the joy atmosphere were felt and we enjoyed the food served(makan lagi!) which was prepared by our nephew Azriey and his mum(our residence cook hehe) and of course the wine and beer is not being left out...hehehe So apa lagi...beraramaiiti lah but still within limit...kan kena gi kerja the next day.

For more pictures click here

long overdue update...

My planned was to share my Raya rendezvous after the Raya holiday but then again true as the saying, God will be done not mine hehehe. After the Raya holiday Gabe and I had a great time visiting the doctor(in a sarcastic way)...yup! Gabe went down with a fever for about 5 days which were quite alarming coz the lowest it went was 97.2c and shot up to 98.5c which finally settle down on the 6th day after his doctor gave him an antibiotic on the 5th day. While me, due to gluttony it shot my cholesterol level(wasted my so called detoxification programme) that high that it attracted my good friend...migraine hehehe. Back at work, I thought I can update a bit of my blog during lunch hour but again it's not my timing for my computer kaput's makes my life much more interesting and colourful (devilish grin ni..)...ya!

Ok...don't want to beat around the bush for I'm excited to share something interesting which I saw during my Raya visit to my 1st cousin Anna house. might be noting big to some people and I wouldn't be suprised if there is a 'duuuhhh' remarks BUT I don't care...bersemangat juga mau share ni wakaka. I know somewhere out there or some of my readers are as clueless as me and appreciate this...cheewaahhh!(berat jua bakul yang aku angkat ni LOL).

I make it a bit dramatic sikit ahh...hehehe

Scene 1

On the way to Anna's house.

Wifey : Wahhh luas juga kawasan rumah dia kan? And the best part is that they planted a lot of fruit trees.

Hubby: (silent...not respond.. kepenatan angat anaklah tu)

Then walking under one of the tree and a few feet above the wifey head, there it was...danggling a bunch of roundy thingy and in another spots a same view except it has flowers at the end roundy thingy, terkejut beruklah si wifey...

Wifey : Eeiyerrr..! What's that? Buah apa tu? (then turning to the mother) Maa...urwaa nunu iti?(aha! this is a Dusun-Lotud language LOL) - Maa..what is this fruit?

Mother: Usak noh pokilahan boh ino! - Its a durian flower bud

Hubby: Yalah...bunga buah durian pun kau tida kenal...urang kampung apa kau ini ohh!

Wifey: Eeii...I never seen, yang I selalu tingu buah dia trus. I never thought the bud will look like this (bah...banyak duri bah tu durian tu, kan?)

Hubby: Tulah...tau makan ja..tida pandai tingu2 (kena lagi...)

Mother: Ari noh...taahgon nopo mongoi intong diri pokilahang amalas (bukan lagi double dose but tripple dose sudah tembakan ni) - Serve your right for never bother to check on the durian

Wifey: Yalah...yalah...I take picture of it coz it looks so beautiful (standard excuse to cover an embarrassment ni)

So here it is the beautiful durian flower bud(inda tau ngamkah tidak panggilan dia..anybody know the correct one?) which was just right infront of me and can you imagine in a few months time how this would look like. Ahhaa! doesn't it excite you? (mischevious grin). By the way, my cousin-in-law Roslan told me that he will call me when it's time to baham the durian which won't be long hahaha mind you they have quite a lot of durian tree(jangan jeles...)

Some raya picture here.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The face that launched a thousand hearts....

Paul Newman, the face that launched a thousand hearts...Which includes mine when I first saw him in his movie with Robert Redford, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and of course its not his face only but he carried his part so well and that goes to his other movies. I like Robert Redford too but I simply adored Paul Newman with his blue eyes hahaha.

Guess where I watched the movie? At Tuaran football field in 1974 and mind you it's not at the cinema(am not allowed to go hehe) but it's a free show(wayang free bah dulu2 kena panggil) by Jabatan Penerangan. We went there as early as 6pm, of course we cycle to Tuaran padang...kira2 1 kampung juga datang hahaha sitting down on a straw mat(my aunt brought) with the big white screen in front and once in a while being bitten by the mosquitoes but that didn't drive me away...semangat! Ever since that kenal trus who Paul Newman is and looking forward for his movies to be screened by RTM at our black and white tv which we finally owned in 1976....those were the days :)

Read the news today that he has gone to rest at the age of 83, may God bless his soul and he rest in peace. You can click here to read more on Newman.

all pictures courtest to

esok Raya....

Yipeee....besok Raya and cuti 2 hari hehehe...bestnya! The best thing about being a Malaysian is that, there is no celebrations that are not celebrated by everyone...Hari Raya, Christmas, CNY, Harvest Festival or whatever celebration name it...termasuklah shopping celebration wakaka. Beside the cultural unity and harmony(and I hope it stays that way) that has been instill in every Malaysian community its a factor of inter-marriages in a family. Just like in our family...we are completely rojak...we celebrate all the celebrations it fun time the whole year round.

So tonight as always and seems to be our family tradition for the past 20 years we will gather at my eldest sis-in-law house to help her with the preparation, for it's a customary for her to have Raya open-house on the 1st day of Raya. As always....we'll be preparing the kulupis tonight, glutinous rice cooked with coconut milk and wrapped with daun silad, tied it individually with a string then gather a whole bunch of the kulupis for boiling, banyak tangan diperlukan to prepare all this since what we are preparing is not in the numbers of 20 or 30 pieces so that's where the crew comes in hahaha. Just like ketupat, kulupis is served with rendang or curry but as for me I prefer to eat the kulupis while it's still hot just as it is with a cup of hot local brew coffee(kopi Tenom lah bah kunun tu)...hmm...inda sabar2 lagi ni...bukan inda sabar mau kerja but makan hahaha.

The cooking of the daging rendang, curry, ayam kurma or other stuff we leave it to the captain, we the crew ni do the minor2 stuff...masuk2kan cookies in the serving container or once in while in our belly...yup! and buat chaos dengan cerita2 sensasi or yang terkini wakakaka....bukan apa...saja mau menghilangkan ngantuk hehe.

To all my Muslims family, relatives, friends and readers...A Blessed Aidil Fitri, segala salah dan silap harap dimaafkan and have a jolly good time from the Mumsiepoppets.

Monday, September 29, 2008

holiday mood...

Monday....and two more days to Raya(if the baby moon is seen tomorrow night). The road is finally traffic free... beside it's school holiday I guess everyone is still on the bed coz most of them on leave or no need to send their children to school's so peaceful on the hassles... yang cam my turn no frowning mukamau makan orang hahaha Yup! traffic jam is a place for a crash course on lips reading and be an expert in sure do know when people are cursing or saying the famous 4 letters word(thanx God d Sabah lum ada road bully). So, as for today and tomorrow rushing business, I know I'll get to work on time...yipeee! But doesn't know about the shopping mall lah pula hahaha those with last minute shopping or baru ada time mau shop, guess the mall is not a good distination at this time...sure KK jam abis ni, and tatap2 my friends are having a good time...mantang2lah durang cuti....nanti kamurang...December baru hahaha.

Even an exciting moment has to come to an end...yup! After being in the office for a few hours I felt like going home pula...mana tidak me...3 of us...boring bah tiada kawan2(ada yang on leave sudah and yang lain..faham2 ja)...nasip tiada tikus di office if not boleh dengar durang berlari2(cam d office lama sya hehehe). Its so boring that even taking a nap during lunch hour is impossible...Oh no! I have another day in solitaire tomorrow(over2 juga lagi bah tomorrow). I better come up with something interesting for tomorrow to motivate me and myself wakakaka

Oh ya! for those who did have time to surf BKKM website to check on the free contamination dairy products, you can click here...I'm so free leh help you guys hehehe

Friday, September 26, 2008


I'm relief of the findings of Health Ministry on the melamine contains in the food listed which my darling poppet had consumed hehehe....the mini cornetto chocolate mint..etc..etc.. hehehe BUT I've decided to scarp off whatever been listed from my shopping list(God knows what else will come up after this)... Nah! semangat dah ni...apa boleh buatlah kalau ada yang tidak ketahuan( lagu matta pula hehehe).

K...tidak mau fikir2 lagi hal ni...cukup sudah me mencurahkan perasaan and surrender it all to God...put all my hope in God, I believe He has His ways of stopping all these thing...otherwise for no reason I'll get high blood pressure pula..palis-palis(expression suang Lotud ni LOL).

Now.i..I wanna share with you all my poppet pictures...aksi2 Gabe...hopefully it'll put a smile on your face hehehe... seeeennnyum ja kita

Gabe with his favourite cartoon character, Spongebob Sq Pants

pose maut

Thursday, September 25, 2008


click here for the update news on China milk scandal

snippets : China milk scandal Melamine was found in a snack imported from China and a biscuit brand from Hong Kong, the Korea Food and Drug Administration said today in an e-mailed statement. The French government said any food containing Chinese milk products must be removed from stores and cannot be sold.

Widening Bans
As many as 25 countries and markets in Asia, Africa and Europe have either banned or recalled Chinese dairy products or goods made using milk from China after the government on Sept. 11 said Sanlu sold products containing melamine. New Zealand's Fonterra Cooperative Group owns 43 percent of Sanlu, one of the country's biggest milk-powder makers and the first identified as having produced tainted milk.

I'm glad that Malaysia has taken the same step and relief that the supermarket around here (yang I go often lah) has complied to the instruction. I still can't stop thinking how the culprit (for sure lah ada yang terover2 pintar dia suggested of using the method) slept at night after adding melamine to the dairy product (or.. they don't know it's fatal???...mustahil! Don't give me that crap!) or if they had a sleepless night pun sebab they're counting the profit they will be making from it. Ni lah if $$$ sign ja di mata..di otak...mau senang ja out of people misery...suffering... or shall I say the best word for it is LIFE. Can't help thinking the ordeal those babies went through before they rest in peace(prefer to say it gently), as a parents I can't help of thinking about it and being sad at the same time, and there are about 53,000 still suffering now...that's the numbers that we've a knowledge of...ntah2 banyak lagi.

To me 'sorry' is not enough coz the harm have been done can't be undone or scrap-off gitu ja, I'm not being judgmental but I can't help thinking that they are sorry because they were caught.... otherwise they would still be shaking their feet as they counting their profit if that wouldn't be the case...ntahlah ni manusia! I'm sure they do know what they are doing when they committed the offence...laaahhh professional bah durang yang berkerja di sana tu...I believe bukan labourers yang suggested semua tu...sekarang...start pula pointing fingers at eachother...bikin panas!

the tit-bits or whatever that contain dairy ingredients that I've bought all these while are free from being contaminated coz terkenal juga sya ni from being cerewet...frankly, I don't buy food products from China unless I'm not aware but ada juga barang2 yang lain I buy. Tidak cukup2 with worrying about other things, e.g. pesticides in vegetables...formalin in colouring...etc lagi....binggung binggung binggung!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Eloooowww! Glad to be able to tap on my keyboard again. Life has been quite hectic lately...not with work but with my dear poppet, Gabe. With him being down with flu, cough and mouth ulcer and mind you it happened continuously I can't think of typing anything. He has only a few days of rest and back we are to visit his pediatrician, Dr. Terry again....since his last birthday we visited her thrice, God willing we don't need to see her for quite sometime. Going through the ordeal I just can't think of blogging except for browsing the net for a few minute or so. Well enough with what has been happening with my life the past few I want to share with everyone the recent anxiety which has took place quite recently especially parents...China's milk scandal. I guess by now everyone is well aware of it but then again I still want to share with my dear readers (just in case it has slip of the eyes or ears hehe) the information I received from the email regarding the milk scandal and you can read it over the Internet as well.

Not sure how it is in Malaysia but our Health Ministry has started to look into it but the information that I received is that these few items has been recalled due to China's milk scandal;

  1. M & M (thanks God! didn't taste this for few years already)
  2. Snickers (whoops! ate this last year)
  3. Mento's Yoghurt bottle (never drank this)
  4. Dove chocolate (never ate as well)
  5. Oreo wafer sticks (do hope the cookies is safe)
  6. Dutch lady Sterilized Milk (never in our shopping list)
  7. Wall's all natural mango (never in our shopping list as well)
  8. Mini Poppers Ice Cream (gee...had a good time eating it last week..gave Gabe as well)
  9. Magnum Ice Cream (ate this few months ago)
  10. Moo Sandwich Ice Cream (ohh gee...)
  11. Mini Cornetto (bought it together with the mini poppers)
  12. Youcan Ice Cream (never seen this)
  13. White Rabbit Milk Candy ( friend is anxious now for she eats this almost everyday)
  14. Wan Wan Rice Cracker (didn't buy this for quite sometimes)

So...statistically the family swallow 40% the item listed above (imagine this statistic applies to every family in Malaysia)...goodness me! Then again if having one, two or even three of each of the item above putting us off danger zone...praise God! but I still can't help thinking of how unscrupulous people can be to gain a profit, they are the
millennium murderer...yup! that is what I call them. Hopefully our Health Minister enforcement officers will have a fruitful misson and the air will be cleared for us.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

weather or low resistance.....

Woke up this morning with an aching I going to blame the weather or body low resistance? You was pouring heavily yesterday when I went home so it doesn't matter how fast I ran to my car my baju kurung and hair wet also...orang tua2 bilang mesti trus cuci rambut (myth or....) but I didn't do it...alasan? Standardlah macam artis...'malas' with capital 'M' wakakaka. So now apa2pun terjadi tahan ja lah...body aching kah...hidung gatal2 kah have to bear ja. If it get worst then jumpa doctor ja. The only thing I've bear in mind is that, I better make sure I see the doctor before it get worst for I've to think of Gabriel...masaalah abis if he kejangkitan.

I feel like going to give my hair stylist (for the past 10 years), Alice of A Cut Above III Hair Studio at Wawasan Plaza a visit...during lunch of course hehehe and pampered my hair (cian bah my rambut cam sabut kelapa dah) and a have good head massage.

K...mau ciao dah ni...otherwise I'll be caught in the jam.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Gabe's birthday

First and foremost, I would like to wish a blessed and holy Ramadan to all my Muslim families, relatives, friends and readers.

Yup! Gabe celebrated his 2nd year old birthday party last Saturday; in fact he celebrated it twice. The 1st one was in his nursery which is his actual birth date, August 29th (Friday) where he celebrated it with him friends and teachers.

Well, his birthday party went well despite of the rainy weather...yup! The weather didn't turn out as I expect it to be....its rained the whole day! Then again, it didn't stop everyone from coming and the children from having a good time. Actually, it was a blessing in disguised...the parents doesn't have to worry of their children plunging themselves into the pool hahaha. are the pictures...

The birthday boy, Gabriel Rishon

birthday cake

Makan time pictures...

happy abis...houson nodi
the food....

What do kids love most at birthdays?....Yeaap! cake...well so do we adults except for those calories
cautious hehe

Kids love balloon as well...and our dear clown had a good time showing off his creativity with the here for pictures

For more pictures check-in here