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Friday, January 30, 2009

Congratulation Lude...

Finally my blog is awake...again... hehehe. Yup! I've been consumed by least I didn't waste is on noting but for my dearest handful, aggressive and possessive yet adorable Gabe LOL Then again he does deserve it :). Just in a blink of an eye we're leaving's seems to be time does fly fast now....Oh ya! Gong Xi Fa Cai to all those celebrating Chinese New Year...terlupa pula!

Attended a wedding celebration last Saturday and the first one that I attended this year and I will have another one to attend to this Saturday. Congratulation dearest Ludia and Isaac, may God bless your marriage and may your love for each other be strengthen through every challenges that you may go through.

I only managed to capture few pictures of them coz my hands are tided most of the time to Gabe hahaha...don't want to lose him in the crowds which actually I almost did...hmmm...

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Christmas Marathon conclude....

with the Claudio's family Christmas dinner as well as the last episode for the Christmas Marathon hehehe

This year Christmas is very meaningful for our family for finally we were able to celebrate it as a complete family. The last seven years both of our poppets can't come home for Christmas together, so it's either Audrey or Daryll celebrate Christmas with us. Poppa decided we go for buffet dinner at Hyatt this year and the best part of it, Priscella, their cousin were there to celebrate with us this auspicious moment.

Mumsie jewels
for more of the Claudio's Christmas dinner pictures, click on the picture

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Christmas Marathon continue...

Ep. 3 Christmas Eve

My family and me spent our Christmas eve in Tuaran and it's our tradition for the past 28years to give out Christmas gift on this particular evening and the person that has been entrusted to carry it out for the last 28years and I guess the years to come(God willing) is me...the big sister LOL. As years goes by our Christmas gifts increases as our family grew and for this year itself each family gave 58 Christmas gifts and there are eight of us(dare to multiply it???) hehehe. We love it and find it exciting especially watching the joy in the faces of our children and their excitement when they hear the word 'It's time to give out the Christmas gifts' LOL. We never find it's a burden and we love buying the gifts...well...we start as early as mid of the year buying the gifts hehehe....that's the tricks for it's not easy getting the right gift and most of all the right gift with the right price :P

Some of the gift :) ......
for more pictures.... click the picture

Monday, January 5, 2009

2008 Christmas Marathon

Hello...hello...hello...blogging world! Finally I'm back exercising my fingers on the keyboard...hmmm...nasip tidak berabuk hehehe Been busy...busy...busy...With work? Naaahhhh....busy updating myself with all the tv mini series I've missed as well as movies since 2006....berkarat...bangas baru tertingu...noduaanan minakan betul2! Another new hobby I've aquired....downloading movie from the net hehehe...siok juga ohh. Apa lagi! tiada chan bikin bilas(tai mata bah!) LOL

Hah! Ni bukan lumba2 lari punya event ah....just a recap of all the Christmas celebration that my family and me had for the year 2008 hehehe. Biasalah bila bab2 makan betul...ever ready ja then after the end of the day complaining bila all the spare tyre kenampakan or baru dua tiga langkah sudah semput OR start thinking of a new wardrobe LOL

Malaslah mau cerita panjang2...sya rasa kamupun tau apa maksud sya, kan? Hmmm...serupa ja bah kitaurang ni walaupun sya ni terover cikit hehehe

Bah layanlah gambar2 ni....

Ep. 1...Christmas di upis. Hah! Ini kena celebrate awal lah coz everyone is going on leave :P

Christmas tree yang di decorated by the ladies
Desserts...contributed by all of us
Christmas fruitcake, candies & chocolate..makes everything sweet
Makan time...Ooops! cincin delima sapa tu?
jeng..jeng..jeng...sya dapat hadiah...suma pun bah:P

Ep. 2...Gabe Children Christmas Party

Biasalah if nursery ni for sure ada Christmas Party and its a great thing for its does bring so much joy to the children for they know they'll be receiving gifts and meet Santa...sapa tidak, kan? Orang dewasa pun gembira sakan dalam bab2 hadiah ni. But that beside the point, for, this is the moment the parents gets to know those taking care of their children closer and mengeratkan silatulrahim(ngamkan?) and for parents to get to know the other parents better beside having fun of course...coz manalah tau silap2 haribulan tu anak2 berperang... tidak juga ambil hati and ini menjauhkan...mengelakkan konfrentasi among the parents LOL. We were entertained by the teachers and children with their various performance and Gabe did participate as well ...excited sudah ni mau tingu c Gabe performance...mau one week aldready me motivating him wakakaka...terlebih sudah c mummy ni....Unfortunately it didn't go smoothly with Gabe, his 1st stage performance turn hilirious when he caught stage fright(kunun), cried and ran off the stage LOL...rosak!

Gifts under the Christmas tree
Beautiful People....
Penyambut tetamu yang ceria:)
Yehhh... won the lucky draw :D
Gabe receiving his Christmas gift from Santa

to be continue...soon...:D