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~Maturity is the stage of life when you don't see eye to eye but can walk arm in arm~

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

American Idol - Group 2

Tonight Group 2 will be performing...guess I'm only able to watch the repeat...adalah something much more important than AI that I got to carry out first hehehe.

Here are the contestant that'll be performing tonight....


and this three made it to the Top 12 joining Alexis, Michael and Danny. No comments coz I didn't managed to catch the show....duuhhhh....Then again I'm glad Adam Lambert and Allison Iraheta got through....I just wonder how did Megan Joy Corkrey and Matt Breitzke do in the show...hopefuly they did well although they didn't make it to the Top 3. One thing for sure... am glad Nick Mitchell is not in the list hehehe

Pictures credited to americanidol


Today is Ash Wednesday and the church commences the Lenten season which is 40 days penitential time from Ash Wednesday till Easter Sunday. The Catholic Church today celebrates a special rite, knowing as the blessing of ashes which are sprinkled on the fore head in a form of cross sign as a reminder of penance and sign of humility before God. During these days fasting and abstaining from certain food and bodily comfort for 40 days commemorates Jesus Christ's 40 days in the wilderness. Lent season also a time where we are called to fast, alms giving and to increase our prayer life which are not goals in themselves, but rather it is a way through which we can grow in personal integrity, just relationships and praise God.

At this time we're called to repentance as well...Everyone is in need of repentance...nobody's perfect...we're only human hehe. No matter what we've done, how we have strayed or how long for that matter...the Lord is forever willing to take us back....just put it this way...He could have condemned us the moment we displeased Him and I believe it would not be that difficult zap ja...sudah abis trus kita but God is kind, mercyful and His love is unconditional. Today is a great day to be reconciled to make a change, to alter ourlifestyles and ponder what is important in our lives and this is the spirit of repentance( reminding myself ni! LOL)

A Blessed Lent to everyone!

Monday, February 23, 2009


Yesterday I was blessed with another goddaughter, Melody Agnes Wong, praise God!. She and around 80 other children received their sacrament of confirmation at Stella Maris Church, Tg. Aru. Pray Lord that I'll be able to carry out my duty as godmother...God willing!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Poppa Bear...

Today's my dear Poppa birthday! How old? Naaahhhh....don't think am gonna publish it here ...someone might not like it LOL neither will there be a birthday cake this year ...being warned for that hehehe but we'll be going out for his birthday dinner...a special treat from his dear sisters. Will be updating more after the dinner tonight...hahaha.

Birthday venue; The New Emperor Restaurant at Luyang. It's a bit shabby outside as well as part of the interior at the moment because it's under renovation but the food was not a disappointment, it overshadowed the roughed concrate unpainted wall surface and dangling electric wire LOL. We had a swell time...guess sharing the important day of your life with loved ones plus savouring your taste bud with delicious can makes things like rough wall invisible....mata sudah focus on the food...mulut sudah time mau tingu kiri kanan atas bawa LOL

After having our dinner we adjourned to Upperstar at Damai, Luyang and this is the first time we go there, normally we go to their other branch downtown. We decided to sit at the upper floor and guess we made the right choice since none of the patrons there smokes and we need to be in such environment coz we brought our children along hahaha and the great thing about Upperstar is that they have computers cum internet connection which is a fine thing for the kids for they are sure not gonna get bored and while we ...the parents have the time to aramaiti hehehe.

The man of the night

and the rest hehehe

The restaurant
her food

The 1st 3 for AI Top 12

I'm smiling ear to ear now coz my prediction of the first 3 AI that qualify for the AI Top 12 is correct! :) Guess I can take over Simon's place now hehehe and I know it's an awful thing to say but I'm going to say it anyway...I'm very very very glad that Tatiana didn't make it...Yes!...somebody better should have been in her place in the 1st place. I was nervous like hell when I know the last couple that going to be called out front is Danny Gokey and Tatiana del Taro...Danny to me performed well compared to Tatiana on Wednesday night but can we read what's on the voters mind? The American could have settle for Tatiana no matter what Simon's says or the rest of the judges says for the matters....and making way for the advertisement which lagging the show make it worst for me.... Yess... Gokey made it...joining Alexis Grace and Michael Saver....Am I excited? Of course!...The three of them have my vote...Alexis did great with her number and good choice of song...Michael could choosen a better song but I like the tone of his voice (to me lah bah...the judges also thinks so hehe...perasanlah me) and Danny not only he choose the right song but kill it...kata2 jury tidak bertauliah ni LOL.

The others are my favourite as well like Ricky Brady, he done well to me and Stephen Fowler blew the chance he had after qualifying for the Top 36 placing despite of forgetting his lyrics in the hollywood rounds...and some could have choosen a better song then again to be on the top three(wished more than three hehe) is all in the hands of the American...that's what a reality show is all about. ..and for Stevie Wright I believe she could have done better that night guess her nerve gets the best of her...poor girl!

Pictures credited to americanidol

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day Wedding

A wedding on Valentine's Day? What a great way to celebrate Valentine's Day! Yes, we celebrated our Valentine day this year in the church's was kinda romantic for me especially when you listen to the scriptures reading as well as the priest homily for it does reminds you what is love and being married all about...'Love always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always preserves. Love never fails' and 'What God has united, man must not divide'. It's a great memory shocker of why one's decided to get married in the first place wakakaka

We were at St. John's Church Tuaran yesterday to witness the nuptial blessing of my poppa 1st cousin, Antonius but forgotten the bride's name...gee...It's tribble and embarrassing, right? LOL...but I remember her face... that is a consolation duhhhh....

Congratulation Tony(that's what we call him:D ) and may God's love live and reigns in your guys heart forever.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Something to ponder....

Just want to share this....

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Top 36... are the American Idol Season 8 Top 36

Yup! David Osmond didn't make it to the top 36...apa lagi mau Top 12....welll...I was disappointed but it's ok coz he will be recording his single soon and some of my favorites is still there to wriggle to be the Top 12 ...hmmm...since it's a reality programme it's all to be determined through people votes... so no matter what Simon says it would not mean anything....then again...judging from the past seven season...Simon is normally 80% right and he does influence the votes hehehe and I love Simon LOL. But gerigitan me this...don't know why but I hate to see a drama queen contestant and Nathaniel Marshall is such to me sudah lah tu lelaki lagi tu...kalau lah sya tu napalah dia nangis2 sana tu(tapi bukan sya, kan? hehehe)...sooo sooo pathethic hihhhh! I wish he was not choosen BUT dapat juga...guess nasip dia lah bah tu and there must something special about him and am not an expert...

Picture credited to americanidol

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Minyak Gosok...

Alkisah si Minyak Sumbawa....

Saja ni mau share kisah lucu di kedai kopi this morning while my poppa and me having our breakfast at one of the coffee shop in Inanam...dekat dengan Central Station. While having our breakfast we saw a familiar face came in the shop...Ahah! Lelaki ni 'always somewhere' punya...di mana-mana kedai kopi pun sure nampak punya hehehe and he always carry a plastic bag with him which for sure ada minyak gosok di dalam...minyak kayu putih lah...minyak gamat lah. The reason why I'll never forget this man beside of course he is 'always somewhere' punya, is that, pantang kena tingu...tingu ja for sure he will approach you and persuade you to buy and there were one incident where this fellow doesn't want to buy after his long explanation mengalah sinsang ... he trus marah the fellow...bikin takut betul...begitulah semangat keperwiraan sya ni...I wouldn't want to be confranted by him or have confrantation with him LOL...bah bikin malu bah tu kalau di kedai kopi.

So, I reminded my poppa not to tingu2 him...silap haribulan kena sergah we nanti. I noticed he changed his strategy...dia ampai at every table minyak gosok dia tu, eventhough you refused he just ignore nobody business bah. Suddenly I smelled an ointment smell...when I looked to my right side ....Astaga! He was rubbing and massaging the hand of one of the customer...terkejut me and wanted to giggle but tahan...faham2 ja lah...the customer can't do anything coz no matter what he says or how hard he pushed his hand away he continued doing it LOL. Lepas tu he walk over to our table and without asking for permission he took my poppa hand..matilah!, apalagi...he jeling the minyakman...takut sudah me ni that he will teriak at the minyakman(bikin malu bah nanti)... and tell him to stop it guess he takut juga tu coz he pulled his hand straight away but tried his luck lagi by pigi gosok my poppa thigh...apa lagi me tidak tahan sudah...terkeluar bah my ketawa...lucu betul sya rasa. Aha! di sini trus terbesar mata my poppa and ternaik his voice... si minyakman pun trus moved away....and continued with the other customers LOL

So...tidak lama tu the minyakman came back to the man next to our table and persuaded him to buy the Minyak Sumbawa(that's the name of the ointment)...berbargain2lah bah durang...tidak juga he mau berganjak from the price he offered which is RM12.00 last last the man beli juga dua botol...bah dia tidak mau lari. He left the shop then 2 minutes later he came back! Now...this is the most interesting part....he came to a new customer which sat at the table orang yang dia jual minyak tadi and offered him the minyak....Guess what price he offered?...ahaha! RM10.00 LOL Terkejut me...Pintar gila man this fellow! Hahaha....Kalaulah ada lagi tu lelaki yang dia jual minyak taaadi memang I kasi tau and trus cabut LOL

Despite of all the trik kampung c minyakman did...I can't help of being amazed and find him creative admire his persistence...bulih tahan juga sales approach dia tu LOL

Ni lah dia si MinyakMan hehehe.....jauh juga bah takut ambil gambar waktu dia dekat kami....nasip baik dia tidak nampak sya gambar...kalau tidak...matilah! ...kahangak! Hehehehe

Thursday, February 5, 2009


or gratitude doesn't have to come in a material form or something grandeur but just a simple short word of 'thank you' can lift one spirit or make one feel appreciated or as an acknowledgment that they have done something good. Well, the word 'thank you' might be a common word or a simple one and it doesn't take a second to say or express and yet people seldom say it, but, how many people do we encounter that they can't even say that word(observe and count:D ) or could be they don't think it matters to say it or they choose to whom they say it to.

Yesterday, a friend of mine helped someone to open the door and this person is a visitor as well as the conductor for the course that taking place in our office and guess what? He just walk in and as if she invisible and not bothering to give any response to her morning greeting for that matter OR he thought that the wind opened the door or the door opened by itself and my friend is a statue....duuuhhh..... Guess how does my friend felt? Well....let me ask you, how would you feel? Hmm...that's one of the many of you goes to the shopping centre and after making a payment at the counter you realized you're the one that thanking the cashier instead of her. Hope someday we all learn to appreciate others more or learn to be polite with one another regardless of from who we are.

Ok....I'm going to share with you a picture of an appreciation gift given to my poppa, from whom? me lah if you want to know....can't tell here...sort of secret BUT I assure you, you won't believe it even if I tell you LOL....No..No...NO...not from need to show lah if its from me hahahaha

side view....
at a closer view......

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

American Idol Season 8

American Idol is back for Season 8. Watched all the auditions and has my favorites already although I don't have any qualification in judging or an expert when it comes to's all base on my ear and heart + intuition LOL...excited abis nampak one of the Osmond clan join, David Osmond son of Alan Osmond.....almaklum peminat hardcore the Osmond....reminencising abis trus saat2 fever the Osmond...with of course all the girls tergila2kan Donny Osmond...the Donny & Marie show.... and I remembered one of my friend trus changed his name to Donny LOL....hmmm...those were the days:) Do Hope he'll make it to the top 12 as well as yang my favorites tu....can't wait.

Monday, February 2, 2009

22nd Wedding Anniversary

Mr. & Mrs. George Majilis

Last Saturday(31st Jan.) was George and Liana 22nd wedding anniversary and celebrated it at Garden Seafood Restaurant Tg. Aru. George is my brother-in-law and which makes Liana my biras lah .'s not easy to reach to this stage of marriage...nobody can without God's grace. Of course those days...our good old grandparents days lah bah bab2 till death do us path is a sure thing, 'divorce' is considered a tabboo words or having a the title 'J's' for a woman is a scary thing...nasip2 ja if Kadazan belum ada kes minta gilis injin wakakaka... tersebut ja the word for sure you'll this phrase 'palis palis...jauh jauh' ahaa! But now you'll hear this...'apa bulih buat kalau sudah takdir' hmmm....menakutkan juga.

Guess we're living in a very challenging world now...or is it the way we look at life now or how we handle marital problems now is very much different from those good old days???? Or is it because we're so much expose to temptation now? Ahah! Temptation is not only on the bab bah hehehe ...segala2nya temptation...Power temptation? Siapa boss?...bini kah...laki kah? Terlebih bercakap....hahaha Singa betina di rumahkah?...Oooops! that's sound familiar hehehe...terasa pula! Mahu dapat lebih2 duit pun considered temptation juga bah...manakan inda, IF sudah terlampau ingat mau cariiiiiii duit ja...orang di rumah pun kena neglect, kan?

Oklah....inda payahlah me melalut2, I myself not an expert in this area. Being married for 26-years(praise God) doesn't make me an expert in this, we're still journeying together with every married couples...every trials and challenges teaches and nurture us.... to embetter ourselves and getting to know eachother more and more each day....tolerating more of eachother shotcoming and treating it as a big joke :D...hmmm...getting immune sudah bah tu LOL... that's what makes it more interesting though and most of all we don't have time to get bored wakakaka.

To George and Liana...the most beautiful and incridible couple and parents, congratulation and I'm blessed to be your in-law and love you both. Thank you for sharing with us that special moment and for the dinner treat LOL....what a pity I forgot to bring my pakai camera phone sya ja....siou tidak berapa ummmph! k? :P

The Ramapaznean pictures.... click ja!