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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Pipits and Paddy

Went back to Tuaran last Saturday coz my cousin Lydia and me need to discuss with our uncle regarding a land subdivision(mcm serious betul nie hehehe) so selasai ja semua drop by my mum cottage.

Wahhh...the paddy field golden in color aldready which means the paddy ripen sudahlah tu(since my last posting) and tengah2 gini lah ada yang sakan especially when no security guard around mengambil kesempatan dari keringat c petani...LOL. Speak of the &#*@%!...there they are...

Hmmm...biasalah time2 gini...c pipit pun mau makan juga and lagi best if ada yang free...tidak susah2 lagi mau terbang jauh2 and they're not much different than human especially yang jenis suka2 ja masuk rumah orang cam gi supermarket trus ambil ja apa yang durang suka(ni spesis pipit lah ni) and cian si tuan rumah tu penat2 siang dan malam gi kerja mau cari duit..iishhh...melalut pula me nie

In the middle of taking photograph, I saw a cute sight among the it is...

dan inilah yang dikatakan...tinggilah rumput dari padi hehehe

Pipit the reaper caught in action....

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Trivia: Eye exercise

This past few days...lets see... about a week plus now, I've been spending my free time with the superhero...demon fighters brothers, Sam and Dean from the tv mini series Supernatural(macamlah in person kan?) LOL...Actually I was preoccupied catching up with all the episode that I missed from season 3 to season 4(the later one lum abis lagi download...ada gi) hehehe Now that I've watched them all I've time to do some posting here.

K...Notice the pictures I'm sharing here...let's see if you can spot the difference between picture A and B....the skirt ja ahh hehehe



Thursday, November 6, 2008

Books for mumsie and poppet...

Last Sunday Gabe and me pampered ourselves with buying books hehehe. Gordon; Thomas and Friends for Gabe and The Five Love Languages of Children by Gary Chapman ad Ross Campbell. Just finished reading the 1st chapter of my book and realised that although I've been a mother for the past 25 years doesn't make me an expert and not only that...errr...some of the technique or shall I say habbit sure need to be scrap off...deleted...terminated... and some need to be improvise LOL

This book is sure an awakening to me as well as a reminder to me not to take the language of love for granted and the greatest love is unconditional love. For being a parents we sometimes think we know all and are sufficient by simply telling a child "I love you" or "sya cari makan ni kalau bukan untuk anak2..siapa lagi!" and by saying and doing so our children know that they are being loved. Of all the ways we can miscommunicate our intentions, perhaps the way that has the greatest potential for harm is to not properly communicate love to our children. Can you speak and do you speak you child's love language?(errr...made me look deep into myself hehe)

Well..this book show you how to recognize and speak your child's primary love language as well as four other common love languages that can help your child know you love him or her. This book will introduce you to all the five love languages of children and help you determine the primary languages in which your child hears your love.
Speaking your child's primary love language does not mean he or she will not rebel later. It does mean your child will know you love him, and that can bring him security and hope; it can help you to rear your child to responsible childhood. Love is the foundation.

Snippet from How a Childs Feels Loved
For a child to feel love, we must learn to sepak her unique love language. Every child has a special way of perceiving love. There are basically five ways children (indeed, all people) speak and understand emotional love. They are physical touch, words of affirmation, quality time, gifts, and acts of service. If you have several children in your family, chances are they speak different languages, for just as children often have different personalities, they may hear in different love languages. Typically, two children need to be lvoed in different ways.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My Green Shoe

Yeahhh! Got myself a new shoe...favorite color some more...a cute green green one hehehe and the best thing about it is that, my dear dear friend Jc bought for me when she went for her Hong Kong - Macau trip last month. Frankly, it's not so much of about me receiving a gift but the thought she had and the trouble she took in doing so... I do know how confusing it is at times buying someone a gift especially shoes, but I know this shoe is meant to be for me (perasan abis nie)...bah betul bah! ...last week when I went to collect it...guess what? My baju kurung is the same color as the shoe and Jc didn't tell me what colored she bought...So call that a concidence!? Nahhhh I don't think so hehehe Wahhh! kira sedodon me kunun the whole day, sayang sekali enggak ada ambil gambar dong! wakakaka