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~Maturity is the stage of life when you don't see eye to eye but can walk arm in arm~

Monday, April 5, 2010

The Awakening.....


Gooooodddd or whichever suits to u all and HELLOOO dearest blog LOL

Guess the 'cup' have been running dry for a long long long time...and its time to have a cuppa with mumsie he..he..he...

Hello world of blogging....I'm backkkkk!(hopefully noting will 'distract' me...again *wink*..*wink*).

I've not been anywhere...infact...I was and still 'glued' to my chair and computer. Beside not having anything so called interesting 'story' to share....arghhhhh...who am I lying to?? I do have...I admit it but I fell into the world of fantasy in the gaming world in Facebook LOL....don't regret it though....I was having a swell time...interesting...and addicted to it ha..ha..ha...

Me with my first FB game...Farm Town then moving to FarmVille then Mafia World and so on and on....till I finally realised it has come to a year I've not written or peek into my blog! Terrible!

So....mumsie is back to have a cuppa with you all but as for now I got to sign off...need to check on my 'Social City' at FB ha..ha..ha..another new game I 'venture' at FB he..he..he..

Cyaaa! XOXO