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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

forthcoming event.....

Sharing with you all on Gabe's forthcoming birthday party.

It is confirmed that Gabe's birthday party venue will be at Mont' Elkay Club House this Saturday(Aug. 30th) at 5pm and instead of using the hall we’ll have it by the pool side...hmmm...matilah mau handle all budak2 nanti LOL. Invitations has been sent out since Monday and the attendance is expected to be around 60 people...ini family member saja lum lagi our close mau2 pun maybe around 80 people juga...hehehe. As for the food, I decided to put off the idea of cooking for the party instead cater from my kakak ipar since it sure confirmed halal punya for in our family we’ve intermarriages which mean we’ve all the races and religions in our family tree... a true image of Malaysia. The birthday cake(shape of a sport car) from Southern Bakery...and the children will be entertained by a clown especially sponsored by Anne...thanks Anne...muaaah!.

Guess everything is in order and all that is left for me to do is....goodies and party pack for the children. Hopefully the weather will be on our side on that day...God willing, for it has been raining on every evening the past few days.

Adik birthday.... I'm again. I've not been anywhere it just that things has been quite hectic work and home.

Last week we celebrated our youngest sister, Helena@Adik 30th birthday at our mum cottage in Tuaran. Am not going to write much about it, am just gonna share with you all through the pictures h

Adik birthday cake

The lady herself

Mixed Veg and Sweet Sour Fish


Fish cooked with sweet toucheong

Fruit salad

Sambal udang

bro-in-law, Mody

setia menanti...

the cake...after being attacked by the rugrats

me(muka kahangak dah), Jade and Adik

Monday, August 18, 2008

Yesterday and onwards....

I had a good weekend despite of carrying out my detoxification on a weekend :p. Did spring my laundry...tends to my flowers(which is only a few pots LOL) and pleased with the result and myself...bangga ni. My mum, sisters and their families came to visit us and I cooked dinner for them. Touche! I realised I had a strong willed(kes angkat bakul masuk sendirilah ni) hahaha I didn't even take a pinch at any of the food I was cooking or tempted to eat, I was enjoying myself the whole time. I cooked my famous steam fish least to my mother, spinach fried with garlic, sambal lada, chicken soup, and of course chicken fingers for nephew and niece...I don't understand why they only eat this, not that their mother didn't try her very best to introduce them to a much more healthier!

Let's forget about my weekend and continue with my life journey hehehe

There are two important events in our family for this week, our youngest sister Helena birthday which fall on August 20th and the following day is our dad 9th anniversary. It has been nine years since he left us to be with the Lord(may God bless his soul)...missed him... but we know God love him more than us...he lives forever in our heart.

My sister Juvenia suggested we give Helena a surprise birthday party and agreed by us all. So each of us have to prepare a dish and bring over to my mum's brainstorming time again...what am I going to cook and give her hehehe...aha! a good excuse to do window shopping just hopefully I don't end up buying something for myself as well...temptation hahaha

Friday, August 15, 2008

holding on...

It's my second day of detoxification. Can't say I'm doing well or carrying it out smoothly, I almost fall into temptation this morning hahaha especially when my hubby told me that he is going to have 'fish head noodle soup''s my favorite...then I was telling him that it won't disrupt my detoxification program by having a bite or two and it's only a fish...should be ok(wahh..justifying myself LOL). Bless my man for saying, since I choose to do the program I might as well stick to it for I myself say it's for my own good and it's only for a week. Hmm...I hate to admit it but he is right...errrr...I think I'm going to change it to 3 days program(with a mischevious smile) only but then again if things get better or I get use to the whole thing by the third day, then I'm going to stick to the original plan which is a week....go...go...go...mumsie!

Oh ya, I haven't shared with you all how my detoxification program likes
hehehe. My breakfast, lunch, tea break and dinner would be the Greenfield Organic drink ONLY...yes that's it...the greenish stuff which will turn slimy, glue like if it is not consume the moment it has been shaked so one can imagine me gulping 250cc greenish fluid with it yucky test within few second. Once in a while I can take a fruit, drink organic soya drink and the apple orchard juice(good riddance!) plus plenty of water.

my meal

Gosh...if it's not for the name of health I would not go through all these, I do love eating very much hahaha. I honestly hope I can last for weeks...guess I'm going to have a boring weekend for weekend is normally for me to try a new recipe(baby Gabe and dear daddy is my guinea pig hehehe) and eating out.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I'm blessed!

I'm all fired up to praise God for His mercy, compassion, love, in fact for everything and who doesn't after being thru what I did earlier this evening.

After attending the evening mass at Stella Maris Church at 6.30pm, Tg. Aru I went to fetch baby Gabe at Stella Maris Nursery which is just 2 minutes drive from the church. After driving for about 200 meters from the nursery I realized my car break paddle is not functioning properly, sort of it just goes flat…matilah! Frankly, the warning light has been alerting me since I leave the office but I took it for granted it would last till I reach home and leave it to my hubby to handle it…as always…baru tau!, now, the attitude of ‘couldn’t care less’ back fired on my face.

I panic! Started looking for my mobile and remembered it ran out of battery…just my luck…next step..started praying and working out on how am I going to handle the situation especially when I’m about to approach the roundabout …thanks God there were no cars in front of us which is a rear thing in Tg. Aru town area on peak hour. I was thinking of our safety especially when I have a baby in the car and of course the danger I may caused others plus how much this whole thing may cause IF(dared not to think of the word..its a taboo)..…abislah bankrap! I keep on praying that would not happen. Apa lagi!…mana I got the teknik I also don’t know…hentam ja lah mana tau menjadi…I continue driving without stepping on the accelerator too much(its auto) and letting it go before I even reach 50 meters away from the other vehicle and pulled the handbrake...rosak or not the car when I did it I couldn’t be bothered at the time. At the same time I was praying for God assistance on what's the next step I got to do for our home is still miles and miles away, and at that moment I can't help of praising Him, for, despite of the situation I was in He were giving me a crash course on my 'self-development'...kes 2 dalam 1 lah ni LOL. Did anyone honk or give us a murdering look? Praise God! Nobody! But still I can’t help of breaking down crying but I managed to pull myself together and have faith that God is there for me and will not failed me.

When I saw the sight of KKIA I was wandering how am I going to meet my hubby when I’m driving a car that dosen't fit to be on the road and not to mention I’m in the middle of a massive traffic-jam. Then I saw the Shell Station…oh yes! I was thinking of calling my hubby from the pay phone at the station and ask him come over to refill the break oil. Bless the gentleman for being so kind by making a way for me to change lane and I make sure I do the same thing to others in future (selalu juga bah me do that to others hehehe). As I was about to call my hubby a sudden realization came to my mind, “Why should I trouble him when I can do it myself?” …it’s time for me to scrap off..wipe off.. the ‘dependent’ attitude or 'malas saya' for IF I took the time to do it earlier none of this would have happened and siapa yang susah…sendiri juga, kan? So, I aborted the plan and asked for break oil did it myself hehehe but the staff were kind enough to do it for me…God is great! And another lesson here...I learned that my car is using 4 dots break oil...great! dah jadi 3 dalam 1..makin pintar sudahlah kunun saya.

So, finally Gabe and I have a smooth journey home. During the whole journey I can’t help of looking back at what had happened just a few hours ago and thinking of the possibilities of how things could have happened in another way round…whooo…scary juga. But then again, God love us so much that He took us under His wings and sent His angels in the form of that entire considerate and kind motorist on the road. He was not there for me because I deserve it but because He loves me unconditionally.


Have just bought myself a Melilea Greenfield Organic , Organic Soya Drink and Apple Orchard;) mission will start tomorrow LOL...Yup!

What is it all about?? Well...check on the link for everything being explained there...
aku ni pun baru mau mencuba so haven't got anything to share tentang benda2 organic ni...takut pula silap petua2 yang di bagi LOL But I'm aware of how important it is for us to take good care of our health especially looking at the way we lead our daily life (of course not all..yang aku ni for sure dalam category tiada sistem punya..abis!) , we're always in the rush and we want everything done makan pun mau ja yg cepat dimasak or gi ja makan kadai (that's me wakaka). Belum lagi masuk kes pollution...tension di traffic jam hmm...jangan cakaplah. Oklah, no need for me berceramah disini coz kena sendiri membukitkannya, right!? sihatlah kunun ni..hehehe

Will share with you all WHEN I experience a positive effects of consuming it, which is after 45 days. Wish me the best and to
persevere in enduring whatever may come (got healing crisis kunun).....matilah ni..jangan warm2 chicken shit cukuplah...LOL

Ciao and God bless!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Praise God for the gift of life even if I feel like a zombie this morning for I only managed to sleep around 4am. Gabe was not in his best mood last night. He slept around 9pm but somehow he woke up smilingly at 11.30pm which is a no no thing although it is not something you don't expect from a boy of his age..1 year 11 months. It was a marathon and an ordeal trying to get him back to sleep, frankly I almost lost my temper then again managed to bring it down when he started to snuggle under my arm and tossing around for it came to my mind that he himself is trying to get back to his dreamland and thanks God he didn't whine or throw tantrum. Finally after giving him a good rub on the back (guess a good exercise for my arm)...soothing entertaining him with all the lullaby in the world I can think of and throat getting dry...he & me finally managed to sail into our dreamland.

As for today its counting down to 18 more days to Gabe's 2yr old birthday which will fall on August 29th and yet I can't still make up my mind where we're going to have it this time for our apartment is not big enough to occupy poppa's and my sides of the family which will be more that 60 people and not to mention our friends...we want a birthday party not a sardine party. At first we are thinking of having it at LKH club house, Mont' Elkay, but we have yet to receive the approval confirmation. Poppa suggested to have it at KFC...hmmm...not a bad one, then again Audrey and me are looking forward to have it at the club for Audrey is all set with the idea of giving her baby brother with Formula 1 birthday theme party since Gabe loves toy sports cars so much and he has tons of it in his collection hahaha

Well...hopefully by this week we'll have the confirmation so that by next week I can send the invitation...mana mana ja lah.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Still thinking...

"MuMsiE PoPpets"...hmmm...wonder if the name I've chosen for this blog of mine suits to whatever articles I'm going to share in this blog of mine??? Then doesn't matter, right? For the questions here are, "Will I've anything to share or write in here or will I've the time..hmm?" It's so phatethic! hahahaha. Frankly, I'm totally lost what to type at the moment especially being a newbies in this blogging world...duhhh! Guess the only thing that comes across my poor mind at the moment or the more appropriate word would be, I'm 'thinking' it will be more on my colorful life journey, my poppets and everyone that I came to know or places where I've been...wishful thinking huh! hehehe.

To those who
"accidentally" come across my "MuMsiE PoPpets"...I bid you WELCOME and may what you see or read in "MuMsiE PoPpets" bring ":-D" upon your lips instead of a "smirk or disgust" hahaha

God bless you all!

Smiles and the world will smile at you ;)