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Monday, March 30, 2009

Carlos and Shawie

This two cousins celebrated their birthday yesterday, Carlos(my 3rd sister son) and Shawie(my youngest brother daughter). Carlos birth day was on the 24th and Shawie on 28th but their mothers(the usual party planner in the family hehe) decided to celebrate it yesterday...a double birthday party and menjimatkan hahaha...good idea...especially when they're just living side by side LOL.

A blessed 15th birthday Carlos and 11th birthday Shawie...muaaah!

more picture here...

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Snippets: What a cutesy!

Asphalt with that?

KFC Corporation photo

KFC wants to help patch the nation's potholes

KFC has sent off a letter to the nation's mayors, offering to patch their potholes for free. Well, the company will leave behind a stenciled brand on the patch informing people the road has been "Re-Freshed by KFC."

"In honor of our "Fresh Tastes Best" campaign, we want to come and Re-"Fresh" your roads!" KFC president Roger Eaton says in the letter. "Every patched pothole comes with the Colonel's very own stamp of approval."

The company estimated that U.S. roads are plagued with more than 350 million potholes. "That's one mini-canyon for every man, woman and child in America."

KFC has already tried out its campaign to stamp out potholes in its hometown of
Louisville Ky., earning a testimonial from Louisville's Mayor Jerry Abramson who noted that "finding funding for needed road repairs is a continuing challenge." The company will choose four other cities.

Is the KFC in Malaysia going to do this? sure the roads here could do with it and it does look cute on the road, doesn't it? LOL and a good eye tonic while we are in the jam...for me it is hehehe jangan ja balik2 tingu trus lapar and my Gabe licking his finger all the's his signal when he wants to go KFC hahaha

Source: chicago tribune

Friday, March 27, 2009

Goodbye Michael...

I was nervous wreck when Ryan Seacrest announced Matt is one of the bottom three and it didn't get any better when Scott were saved leaving Matt and Michael standing adrenaline were increasing LOL Was saying to myself it could not Matt but one have to be realistic in the world of a reality show where the fingers being the jury and despite being a fan of both of the guys it's not hard for me to mark a decision...I prefer Matt to continue to next week hahaha...and the verdict were...Michael you're leaving and the judges decided not to save him.

Am gonna miss your his voice but not last night talking about the 1st week show...I was hoping he'll have another chance to show his powerful voice but like Simon says 'the reason for them to be there is because the people doesn't like them' off you go!

Being in a reality show(I know I'm being cliche), having a good voice and perform at your best is not good enough to catch people attention or to vote for need to be outstanding and to say and some people say you got to have the 'X' or aura to make it in these shows. Then again some people have their mother luck smiling down on them or twinkling stars on the top of their head where they only have a voice to sing...forget about pitching lari or whatever can still be a champion...aha! tu reality show di Malaysia...

Whatever it is...God bless you Michael! (chewah! cam dia kenal sya ja dad name bah that...)

Picture credited to americanidol

Snippets: Adam Lambert gets a standing ovation--from Smokey Robinson!

Look at that Elvis like eyes !!!...hehehe

Adam Lambert tells Smokey Robinson he's really nervous, singing "Tracks of My Tears." Smokey tells him he's never heard anyone sing it tender and soft like that, very proud of the interpretation. Adam smartly asks him what inspired him to write it; says his goal "is to do it justice."

Elvis-like hair, gray suit. Man, from the get-go, this is great; so smooth, so in control, so heartfelt, such pitch-perfect vocals. Audience is hushed; Adam totally gets this song. It's him at his best; no weirdness for the sake of weirdness, just exercising his creativity and making us hear a song totally differently. He's got us all in the palm of his hand--and Smokey Robinson and the audience gives him a standing ovation.

Kara stands, calls it awesome. Paula loves how he's completely in his own league, surprises us every week; loves the clean, classy look. Simon calls it the best performance of the night, which is like a no-duh moment. "You tonight really have emerged as a star."

Randy says from day one he knew he had the range, loved the falsetto, "unbelievably hot."

still having a hangover of Adam performance last night....

Source: weblogs

Thursday, March 26, 2009

the rant continue...

Silence...taking a deep breath......

Oh're're fabulous...He got it the the voice...a complete package as an entertainer(taking a deep breath). Tonight performance were superb, good voice deliverance, authentic, artistry(am getting used to use this word now)...even the legendery Smokey Robinson gave him a standing ovation ambi kau! Tonight well groomed of Elvis and that Kurt Russell smile....(taking a deep breath again) AND an eyes that can melt every lady(even an old cow LOL)... gonna stop ranting on Adam...can't blame me, right? Especially if you guys watched tonight show hehehe. Tonight's show started with a blast with Matt radiation of Marvin Gaye song, this man has soul and can set one to groove tonight with his voice and ...he's moving to one level to another on every show...two perfect week for Matt.

Kris made Marvin Gaye song How Sweet It Is sounds so sweet...with so much originality and likes the sound of his guitar. Very entertaining and he gave the song a new breath, still he needs to stands out and Scott...gee I hate to say this coz I do like him...I was in a sort of way with his performance...funny though coz it's fast number, it was the same as the past two was just ok and noting of the extraordinary. Scott is a good singer, he just need the right song and if he survive for another week I hope he make it worth while.

Come to Megan...not much to say...bingung me hear her sing...her pitch were all over the place(to me lah), can't wait for her to finish...that's it! One doesn't have to be an expert to know that it was horrible. She looks cute though but not good enough to get me glued to the screen....time to get my drink. Another heartfelt performance for Annop, good voice control and deliverence except for his performance(to my opinion) it's felt like he is singing to himself....stiff...hehe. As for Michael...don't know what's happening...another one of my favorite the break my heart...guess the song is not for him. Hope he'll survive for another week for he does have a good voice.

Lil...Lil..Lil...I was looking forward for her performance and keep on telling everyone that for sure Lil will be another motown singer in line hehehe but I was kinda disappointed not that she did that bad but I expected more. There were noting wrong with the song she choose but like Kara says...she chould have chosen a song that could blew everyone like in the previous weeks(not last week)....was disappointed actually. Danny did great tonight, it was entertaining and another authentic performer. Joining the rank of my chosen idols tonight were Allison, a 16years old girl that sounds like she been performing all her life. Love her husky voice and the girl nailed the song perfectly! Allison is back.

Well...this is my unprofessional opinion on the show tonight it's not necessarily one need to agree hehehe

My prediction for the last bottom three; Megan, Scott and Michael

Picture courtesy to american idol

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Motown Night...I liiike...

To Motown lover don't miss tonight American Idol for your favorites will be performing 50 years of Motown on tonight show. Wow...I bet Lil will be at her best tonight since this is her forte but the rest are fabulous as well and has their own strength and the most important thing is that choosing the right song and to stand out from the rest. Can't wait to see what Adam will do to a Motown song and the performance sure will be unforgettable one LOL Ladies get your fire extinguisher ready...hmmm I know a friend of mine is all fired up for tonight!

Here is the Top 10 for tonight....

Oooui!...Thursday's ok I'll be patient....Naaaahhhhhh...I can't wait to listen to them... Danny...Adam....Matt.... alalala

Picture courtesy to american idol

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Monday, March 16, 2009

Melbert's Birthday....

It's my bro-in-law, Melbert birthday today...another birthday in the family. Since their two cubs, Dexter and Angel at my place for their school holiday break they decided to celebrate it at my home...just a simple family dinner.

Well...I'm more than welcome the idea...
I was thrilled that they choose to celebrate Melbert birthday at our place. It's great to have a family member over which is not often for our place is quite far from Tuaran....not counting the traffic jam on several areas one need to encounter to reach our place. I prepared a simple dinner menu ja lah following the instruction of my sister ...coz my sister said she'll will be 'tapauing' (take-away hehehe) KFC...for she believe the children are much more interested with KFC and cake...moreover it'll be her family, my sister Mary and hubby, our mum and mine which mean we don't need much food... hmm...I totally agree with her on that hahaha...

birthday cake

sexy momma lighting the candle

another alternative since the lighter didn't work(ran out of gas) hahaha

Melbert and crew with Gabe of course hehe

more picture here

Snippets: Math whiz, dead for 450 years, gets TV bill

This caught my eyes at Yahoo odd news. I sure find it amusing and yet it's something for us to take note's not impossible and we can't give an excuse of not having all this facilities....I mean the electricity supply.

Math whiz, dead for 450 years, gets TV bill

BERLIN (Reuters) – A German mathematician who died 450 years ago has been sent a letter demanding that he pay long-overdue television license fees, residents at his former address said on Wednesday.

Germany's GEZ broadcast fee collection office sent the bill to the last home address of Adam Ries, an algebra expert who bought the house in 1525. A club in his honor was set up at the property four centuries later.

"We received a letter saying 'To Mr Adam Ries' on it, with the request to pay his television and radio fees," said Annegret Muench, who now heads the club.

Muench returned the letter to the GEZ with a note explaining the request had come too late because Ries had died in 1559, centuries before the invention of television and radio. She nonetheless received a reminder a few weeks later.

This was not the first time the GEZ had sent a bill to those in the afterlife. Last year, a school named after poet Friedrich Schiller received a reminder asking him to declare all radios and televisions in his home and pay the corresponding fees.

(Reporting by Franziska Scheven; Editing by Katie Nguyen)

After reading the article, it sure bring me back to the day, 27 years ago(ancient already oh! ;) ) , when SEB decided to upgrade their billing system by computerising it. Unfortunately the transition didn't go smoothly which is a normal thing when adapting to a new system and at that time (in Sabah) the 'Computer' was an 'alien' word and hardly being heard of haha and it cause a chaos and panic when the consumers stormed(with faces that can wake the dead lagi tu LOL) to the SEB counter for they were being charged for their long-overdued bill as far as 7 years back(if I'm not mistaken) and they claimed they have settled their bills unfortunately for some of them they can't produce any proof for they didn't keep their payment slip...Hah! Itu yang bikin gaduh tu coz ada logik dia juga, sapa juga simpan bill sampai bertaun-taun...kalau adapun bukan semua...So boleh imaginelah apa soalan2 bonus waktu tu...pucat juga bah!.

Witnessing all these at the time teaches me to keep every payment slips that I made or even a mere receipts for years and years which is one of the reason of me not having enough space to keep my thing hahaha. Oh ya! the SEB now known as SESB and the billing system has improved and excellent :)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Snippets: Swiss Open Champion

Yes! He did it....Congratulation Datuk Lee Chong Wei...Malaysia boleh!

Chong Wei Juarai Terbuka Switzerland

KUALA LUMPUR 15 Mac - Pemain nombor satu dunia, Datuk Lee Chong Wei menjuarai Terbuka Switzerland apabila berjaya menewaskan musuh tradisinya, Lin Dan dari China pada perlawanan akhir Siri Super itu sebentar tadi.

Chong Wei menang dengan straight set 21-16, 21-18. - Utusan

Picture courtesy to Utusan

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Allah Perduli....Puji Tuhan!

If there are any of you that haven't heard the song by Agnes Monica that being banned and hot on the local it is :). Tidak mau komen panjang lebar nanti tidak pasal2 blog sya yang tidak seberapa ni(sudahlah tiada orang baca...untuk siok sendiri ja) kena banned...chewah! perasan lebih2 wakakaka....Hmmm...bukan tu yang bikin pamos kah tu? Errr....walaupun diriku ni tida seberapa...tak hingin publisiti murahan kekekeke....kunun bah! Niiiiii ja I want to say and this is my 0% opinion...mind... When one faith is that strong noting can shake one's belief! Pendek ja kan?

Friday, March 13, 2009

Goodbye AI...Hello home!

Like or not...Jasmine and Jorge has to pack their bag. Guess Jasmine didn't win the American hearts despite of her performance and a good stage presence as Paula and Kara commented...hmmm...nampaknya tilikan ku(cam nujum Pak Belalang pula) telah meleset TETAPI tida pada c Jorge kekekeke....Nampaknya c Anoop survive juga....banyak pula peminat c mamat ni... OR is the American giving him another chance? For he does have a good tone of voice and he can sing but last Tuesday(aired on Wednesday here)...he bashed-up Beat It! I'm still having a nightmare over it hehehe As for Megan...I'm glad she have another chance for she is the last in my list on being voted out.

Pictures credited to american idol

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Jocko's nite...

The topic?...American Idol again and this time I didn't miss it!

A word for tonight performance...A blasting one! Except for some of course...which I can't wait for them to finish singing...especially Anoop(you blew your chance boy...unless...)...what was he thinking man!?? Of all the songs...Beat it!?? There is noting wrong with that's one of my favorite from MJ...that song can set anyone to groove...the least is shaking your feet...evergreen hit...a big song and only MJ sings that song.

So...I give you to you my unprofessional rating for tonight performance hehehe

They Rock...Superb...Awesome...Sexy....Entertaining....Exciting....Touching and Original...they made the Jackson's songs theirs...

followed by....

that I was bored...disappointed and wouldn't mind if they don't make it to the next round...

Then again...this is American Idol! A reality show! The audience are the jury....which means...will be expecting the unexpected...duhhh! and the worst part is that, there'll be two elimination...arghhhh! I hate it and now am tense hahaha cam lah sya ada kena mengena sama durang...durang juga yang kaya nanti hahaha....Biasalah...namanya juga peminat 'plus' penyibuk...

Pictures credited to american idol

Tuesday, March 10, 2009 duit Kopi!

Feeling good...all ready to face the day ahead...of courselah...who doesn't after the long weekend break, right?

Checked my email this morning and received an interesting email from my friend and would like to share it here....


If you have ever paid or are thinking of paying ' Coffee Money' when stopped for traffic or other offences, DON'T EVER Do This Again.

The traffic department (JPJ) has recently started a campaign to be rid of corruption. Every Officer on duty will be rewarded with RM100.00 if they report each case of bribery to the department.

This is how they do (trick you into) it. They will note down the details of your IC/MyKad, and ask you how you want to settle ( 'Macam mana nak selesai?')

If you indicate yes or even offer to give them any money, they will report the incident by rejecting your 'Kopi Money' and get the RM100.00 instead as an incentive for their integrity and 'Honest' publicity.

This means that You will end up having a summon issued to you and perhaps a charge for bribery.

SO DON'T PAY DUIT KOPI AGAIN, especially if you hope to go free with a lesser amount of money compared to the fine. Even if you want to pay over RM200, the JPJ Officers would rather have a 'good' name than to take your kopi money.

Just beware of their trick because the cops are now accumulating 'cookies' points for their promotion and pay increment - with your help if possible.

They should have done this to stop corruption long time ago... but anyway it's better late than never, right?

Touche! IF they are really going to do it...stop being a corrupt I mean...guess it's cleansing time hehehe. Then's need to be rewarded to be an honest person or uphold one's dignity....and do you think these species will be honest with their department??? or is this another means for them fattening their wallets???...I say my peace!

Friday, March 6, 2009

The 3rd Top 3

And the result is....

Pictures courtesy to american idol

Yup! Just like I predicted...Lil Rounds, Scott Maclntyre and Jorge Nunez will be in the Top 12...although ada juga lah tergelincir sikit tilikan tu hehehe BUT masuk juga bah pigi Wild Card punya 'round' ...wished Ju'Not were choosen for the wild card(disappointed lah bah kunun ni). hope three from my five favorite contestants in the wild card round will make to the Top 12 hehehe

Pictures credited to american idol


Again....I missed tonight Wild Card round performance after I lose the battle with Gabe who wants to watch the Disney Channel...not all actually...I managed to catch Megan, Jasmine and Ricky performance(when Gabe was distracted by his dad hehehe)....was happy with Megan and believed she'll get through unless of course there are three more contestant that will be way better than her and as for Jasmine...Well...she is far better than the last show and entahlah perasaan sya kah or memang sya tidak pandai... yang dulu tu macam ada part2 dia nyanyi sengau ja sya dengar tu lah I don't favor her. As for Ricky...goodness me! Want to know what I think of it? First and foremost as soon as I saw the result on the net...Phew! I'm gald that he didn't make it to the top 13(13? I thought they only want 12...better catch the repeat hehehe)....k....back to Ricky ...he was all over the place to me...biasalah di kampung2 punya performance and I think he was better the last time...just like Simon says, it's just a karaoke performance.

So the four that qualified to the Top 13 were; Megan, Jasmine, Matt and Anoop. Only two contestant from my hopeful wish got through...still I'm glad for I believe they all deserve it hehehe

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

American Idol - Group 3

Watched the show just now...was entertained...excited...amazed...dissapointed and lost in space in one or two of the performance hehehe. Am not in the mood to crack more on show or sleepy already, just gonna put pictures of those am hoping to get through the Top 12 based on tonight performance kunun2lah bah unworthy 0.1cent opinion kikiki ....

Here they're.....and most of all crossing my fingers to these 3 top faces in this picture :D

though Arianna Afsar and Kendall not in the picture am still hoping America will vote her base on their voice and they being my favorite as well hehehe...kunun bah jury yang tak bertauliah ni wakakaka

Pictures credited to americanidol

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Mikael...

Looks like the birthday marathon has began in our family...infact since January but apparently everyone overlook their calendar and forgotten our sister Juvenia@Emi birthday(bah Jan. 21st bah) poor dear! ....though I didn't hehehe (berat oh ni bakul sya mau angkat sendiri LOL)....Guess the reasons for it was('justifying' ni )... it's the beginning of the year and suma masih lagi adjusting posisi tu wallet coz terlampaunipis sudah doh tidak berhenti tu tangan mengasi keluar c matussin dari Christmas sampai buka sekolah...apa tidak trus lost memory semua LOL.

Last Saturday was my nephew Micah birthday and everyone remembered it as well as something being look forward to especially by the cousins. Well...who in the world dare to forget their kids birthday!? The world may change but children perspective on 'birthday' never children ever ever forget their birthday be it a grand or simple one....budak2 sekarang lagi...kecil2 sudah pandai tingu Calendar...and they tends to drive you to the wall or the last drop of your patience with their unending...beyond answerable punya questions regarding their birthday. Hmmm...'last last' tiada duit pun buat juga lah kadang2....then again there is no price for the satisfaction felt as well as the joy in your heart as you see the radiance in your child face as they see their birthday cake and the smile on their face as they listen to the birthday song being sang to them....kekadang boleh kuar juga bah airmata hahaha...emo ni. So, to me it's very important to remember our children birthday for it's a sign of our love as well as our thanksgiving to God that He blessed them to us and for the gift of life....and that's the true meaning of birthday to me.

We celebrated Micah's three year old birthday at my mum's house with just a family dinner.

Micah with mom and cousins

Micah with cousin Gabe

Mikael Socrates birthday cake