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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My baby is off to school....

How time flies fast...finally the moment has come....our baby in the house, Gabriel begins his 1st year kindergarten at Stella Maris, Tg. Aru this year. After not been sending any child to school since our 2nd son Daryll it sure kinda of exciting has been...lets me was 20 years ago when we sent Daryll to kindergarten and it was sure quite an experience entirely different from our eldest, Audrey, interesting...grueling & dramatic hahaha....not going to elaborate more coz I knw he'll be reading this...sorry darling hehehe. Nevertheless, all of them gave us an experience we'll never forget & joy that lives forever in our u all.

My darling poppet all geared up for registration....1st day.. It was hassle.... he was all ready and excited the same time...chattering about it which is a positive sign and made the massive traffic jam 'invisible'

2nd day and the moment of truth where he need to wake up at a wee hour and bath earlier than was not an easy one which I hand it over to the man of the house who has more patient than the queen hahaha. After all the dramatic scene of cooing and so called psychology thingy ... we manage to set our journey hahaha....Thanks God getting him into the class was not as dramatic as waking him up or getting him ready to is as if he has been in the class all this while LOL...Praise God! I didn't have to go through getting my skirt ripped off or leaving the class in tears listening to my child cried of mercy wakakaka...which like??....ok I leave this story unended LOL

Here is Gabriel in his uniform ;)

Gabe stands proudly in his uniform

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Monday, April 5, 2010

The Awakening.....


Gooooodddd or whichever suits to u all and HELLOOO dearest blog LOL

Guess the 'cup' have been running dry for a long long long time...and its time to have a cuppa with mumsie he..he..he...

Hello world of blogging....I'm backkkkk!(hopefully noting will 'distract' me...again *wink*..*wink*).

I've not been anywhere...infact...I was and still 'glued' to my chair and computer. Beside not having anything so called interesting 'story' to share....arghhhhh...who am I lying to?? I do have...I admit it but I fell into the world of fantasy in the gaming world in Facebook LOL....don't regret it though....I was having a swell time...interesting...and addicted to it ha..ha..ha...

Me with my first FB game...Farm Town then moving to FarmVille then Mafia World and so on and on....till I finally realised it has come to a year I've not written or peek into my blog! Terrible!

So....mumsie is back to have a cuppa with you all but as for now I got to sign off...need to check on my 'Social City' at FB ha..ha..ha..another new game I 'venture' at FB he..he..he..

Cyaaa! XOXO

Saturday, June 13, 2009

27th Wedding Anniversary

We Praise and Thank God for His blessings and graces upon us throughout the years for without it our marriage would not have reach the 'age' of 27 years old and wouldn't be able to celebrate our 27th Wedding Anniversary yesterday and no aramaiti *wink*.

The life we shared together for the past 27 years has not been one smooth voyage but through these storms which we encountered we learned to build a ship that strong enough to face any storm, praise God! But as strong as a ship can be it still crack whenever it hits on a big and hard coral LOL but we learned to repair it before it gets worst or beyond repair...Repaint it before it fade wakaka(bermadah2 oh me kekeke) There were times we 'encounter' pirates for these we learned to sharpen our 'sword' and 'fencing skill' before one of us gets 'kidnapped'( cerita Peter Pan pula)....naaaahhh there are no bruises and injuries laah hehehe....There are no better 'weapon' than 'Love and Forgiveness' *wink* and with God grace He blessed us with three crews whom makes our 27 years journey more wrecking...hilirious...tearful...unending laughter *wink* LOL ...Praise God!

I also thank God for blessing me with a wonderful, loving and caring 'in-laws'. They never make me feel like an 'in-laws' instead I'm one of the family the very moment I stepped in their house 27 years ago .... Thank you dearest all for accepting and loving me just as I'm(I know I'm not an easy person to deal with...infact very 'the complicated'....'hyper ' bah... hehehe) ....muaaaah.

We thank all for being part of our life, the wishes and wonderful gifts....We pray that God will bless us with many good and fun years together ahead...God willing!

We celebrated our wedding anniversary dinner with some of our family members last night at Chinese Cantonese Restaurant at Winner Hotel(thank Annie for introducing me this place). We missed the presence of our children, Audrey and Daryll ...wished they were with us but unfortunately they are working in KL and a moment like this, I wished they never grow up so that they'll never leave home...forever under our selfish, right? LOL

Oh ya...we were not only celebrating our anniversary last night but we celebrated our nephew, Nicholson 15th years old birthday as well...isn't that wonderful? I likkkeeeee....

The Claudio's

the Claudio's with nephew, Nicholson
....and our families & friend
the Claudio's, the Contantine's, the Midin's & Diana

tedaaaaaa!....our gifts
tq lovely people...muaaaaah!

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